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Monex Crypt capital is an online premier cryptocurrency and Forex trading boutique that offers a wide range of trading and investment services to its clients.


DECLAN WHITTAKER has served in management positions of two different Financial institutions in the heart of Aberdeen. His last 7 years experience in corporate finance and portfolio management inspired him to start his own project which is today known as Monex Crypt Capital.

MCC is a fully incorporated company under the UK companies House on July 30th, 2018.

Professional Cryptocurrency and Forex Trading.

This is achieved as a result of the hard work and trading experience that our Trading Experts possess.
Their several years of expertise added with their knowledge of the market dynamics helps them to know the right time to Invest, Wait, Trade and pull-out.
Thus Monex trading team on the basis of bench marks of trades for every year have assured its users with fixed RETURNS.
Over the years and from record, the trading team generate a profit not less than 4 to 6 % daily from both forex and Cryptocurrency trading as a result of the market volatility which translates into profitablility.

We accept deposits from Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dash Payments. Soon, we will be unveiling our personal card payment system where users can own their customized MCC card for deposits and withdrawals.

MCC Will charge no withdrawal fee, but any fee charged by users payment processors are handled by the user.

Monex Crypt Capital Resources is a Private Limited Company incorporated in England and Wales with Registration No: 11489208